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Abusive Junior Mod: Piss something

This report really makes things clear.

Thank you for saving us what could of been weeks of trouble - with you playing the victim/abuse card anytime something did not go the way you'd like, throwing a fit and lashing out like an insecure manchild with a superiority complex. You clearly do not know our rules, Actually, you probably barely have your head out of your own ass long enough to actually even know the basic rules of ttt. Everything you said here is incredibly hypocritical, and it's almost like you're projecting shit you've said/done onto everyone else.

Our staff members go through an entire process before they are promoted. They aren't just random players, they are long time, trusted players in the community. That said, we know very well they aren't perfect. They are just people too, but nothing majorly wrong was done here.

You also very conveniently failed to mention in the original post that you were a T when you were "RDM'D" so everything you said was moot. He was CLEARLY right about the association because you were indeed the T, your t buddy got you killed by running past you after being called out. Shit happens, no need to behave like a little "snowflake" and be so butthurt over one round where you weren't even wrongfully killed. He didn't just willy nilly ban you, staff actually discussed you quite a bit as well.

But anyways, it's a waste of time to type anything more because you're the type of person who literally can never even believe for a second that maybe you weren't correct about something.

This image has never been more true:

Ban extended to perma. Complaint closed, thank you for taking the time to make this report.

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