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Patchnotes 05/27/2018

  • Added "Storage Device" tabs. You can enable/disable this via !settings.
    What this will do is place a tab for each 'storage' item you have in your Inventory. Such as Backpacks, or certain badges.

    The tabs are in the order they are found in your Inventory slots. Currently due to how they are setup, drag n drop UI will not be present until I rework backpack code. (it's stored as a managed 'list' format. So I don't have to store slot numbers with each entry, to save as much size as possible since these items are saved directly into the item. So it just assumes the order the items are found are what slots they are in.)
    You can mouse scroll to scroll through your tabs, and don't have to click the obnoxious arrows.
  • Added icons for each tab in the Inventory. Stat tab icons may come next.

  • Fixed some more bugs with the UI.
  • Hopefully fixed a few Overflow errors.
  • Added more debug messages to Crystal Synergizers. Anytime it eats a crystal, please include a screenshot of your latest chat messages when removing crystals from it. (Or the last messages from when you last modified it)
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Thanks for djinn crystal fix and aiding my 8 backpacks' needs <3
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just what i wanted but even better! thanks for the update!
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Could we have an option when drag and drop is a thing for the new backpack/container ui, where the container tabs can be on the left so we can drag and drop while viewing both inventories.
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Are you able to put the Storage Tabs in the old inventory?
love the update tho
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(06-11-2018, 12:06 PM)MicroBoss Wrote:  Are you able to put the Storage Tabs in the old inventory?
love the update tho

No. Use the new UI for them. The old UI is deprecated.
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