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Inventory System basics

You can press I to open your Inventory. This is where most of the items you collect will be placed. There are a variety of weapons and items you can collect.

You can drag and drop these items to other slots, or to your Loadout slots to use them in-game. These items often have value to other players for various things, so you can sell them to other players!

Tip:You can right click most headers in the UI for more options.

Re-equip your loadout by right-clicking the Loadout header.

Items are obtained from various methods that are outlined below.

Starter Weapons

When you first join, you will be given a selection of Starter Weapons. These are Untradeable and Enhanceable, and can be leveled by gaining rightful kills. Once you level it up, you will gain one EP (Enhanced Point). You can then use this to increase a stat of your choice on your weapon, by right clicking the item and selecting "Enhance".

The PWR Rating.

Most weapons have a "PWR" rating on them. This is just an estimation of how good that weapon is, in reference to how much damage it can output in an amount of time.

This is automatically calculated per weapon based on Damage Per Minute, accuracy, and reload speed. You can see more info about your weapon, such as Damage Per Second, and RPM in the text at the end of the Stat Display Tooltip.


Crystals are basically a temporary buff that provides bonus stats, limited by their "Charge". Each round, as the Crystal says, will drain a percentage of the charge to use the Crystal (So long as it is equipped). The percentage varies, but 4% is about the average.

To "Charge" a Crystal to give you percentage and uses, you have to find weapons with a POSITIVE (Green) stat and right-click the Crystal, select "Charge", and then select those guns. It WILL DESTROY the gun, but depending on how much of that stat the gun has determines how much of a percentage a Crystal will gain.

When a Crystal reaches their maximum percentage, it will gain a "Charge", and you can charge it to whichever maximum percentage the Crystal can hold again. Each Crystal can have up to 10 Charges.

The stat that you require to charge and how much will be labelled on the Crystal. For now, if you want to test this, your best bet is a Blaze Crystal. These handy things lower fire damage AND explosion damage by 65%! They only require the Damage stat to charge, so Standard or other sub-par weapons can juice 'em up quickly.

Equip your charged crystal to gain its effects!

Inventory Overflow and Trashcan


Your Inventory Overflow is where items get placed when you have a full Inventory. The 5 most recent drops will be put here to insure you do not lose items.

You can withdraw an item from your overflow if you have the space for it, by right clicking it, and selecting "Get Item". You can clear your overflow by right clicking the "Inventory Overflow" header and selecting "Discard All".

Tip:You can gain up to 100 Inventory slots, and 300 Bank slots(The bank is on the Lobby Server)!


Your Trash Can is where the 3 most recently removed items are placed. When you right click an item, you have a "Remove" option, you do this if you wish to remove it from your Inventory. If you accidentally remove an item, you can retrieve it from your trash can by right clicking the said item and selecting "Restore".

The Coinshop

The coinshop is the in-game shop used to buy Player models, Accessories, Crates, and more. It's also where you spend the Donator Currency: Rubies and find the latest VIP deals.

You can also customize the placement of most accessories that your purchase via Customize Model. You can open this menu via a few chat commands: !shop, or !coin, or from the Coinshop button in your Inventory.

You can customize an accessory placement, then left click it in your "Owned Items", and select "Transfer To Inventory" This places the item in your in-game Item Inventory(Different than your Coinshop Inventory). Now when you trade this accessory to someone, that position that you set will be saved to that item! So anyone who equips that item will have it in that spot you set (unless they adjust it themselves).

You can also get custom Titles, that have interesting animations and equip them here. These items also change your title on the forums!

Obtaining Items

You can obtain items by practically anything you do in this server. The majority of the items and weapons you’re going to get are through playing TTT and opening crates. Weapons can have traits and suffixes that make them more unique. Even the lesser used rarity are useful for daily quests.

You can also do Events on the Lobby with a party to Earn loot! You must be Level 5 though to join the lobby.

Spin2win is a great way to pass the time while you're dead on TTT!

The Market

Market allows you to put up weapons that you want to sell to let people buy them even when you’re not on the server for a small fee. You’re allowed to sort, search for specific guns, and look at your own listings. You don’t even need to be on any FRG Gmod servers to use it, as you can buy items from the forums. Be aware that items on the market might be priced higher.

You can sell your items by right clicking them, and selecting "Sell On Market". Accessories can not be sold on the Market Currently.
You MUST sign into the forums with your steam account to use the market!

Get Estimated Price

You can right click an item, and select "Get Estimated Price". This will retrieve an average price based on previous market sales. It will also display some other Information.

The price should taken with a grain of salt. It is only a rough estimate! Ask around.


You can trade items with anyone on the server, provided neither of you are trade-banned. This is one of the best ways to progress on the server, and how you can obtain some rare items if you aren't lucky enough to drop them yourself.


Bloodwynd Boss fight on the Lobby.

TTT Based Events

The Spider Queen.

TTT has a variety of Boss fights and Minigames that has a chance to happen at the start of each round.

Typically doing well in these means gaining more loot at the end of them.

Hunter Round on TTT.

Lobby Based Events

The Worm Queen solo fight on the Lobby.

There are events on lobby that break up the monotony of TTT. They allow you to keep playing FRG for experience, items and the chance of getting exclusive godlikes.

There are a variety of Events and Boss fights to do, and they all have different time spans for completion. Some can be completed in a few minutes while some can take up to a few hours if you want it to last. You can purchase Rune of Lootings to get even more drops in events.

FRG Asylum Event shown above.


There’s now double exp weekends that double the exp you gain for both weapon and player on TTT.

You gain EXP from gaining rightful kills during TTT, and winning rounds. You can also gain XP from various other things like Events, Runes, or gift Package rewards. XP is used to advance your Level. Inwhich you can gain perks and rewards for advancing.

Note: You can see your current XP and total XP needed by hovering your mouse on the yellow bar at the bottom of your screen.

When you’re level 5, you gain access to the lobby. The second level restricted feature is worm queen when you unlock when you become level 25. The last thing you get for leveling up is at level 100 when you get an endurance badge with a cape.

Overall, levels affect what are in gift packages. The higher the level, the less empty slots there will be in there. They can hold crates, coins, experience if you’re below level 100 and sometimes inventory expansions up to 100 slots.

Lobby has minigames, some utilities, gambling games and access to events. You can also check trade logs by typing “br_get_trades self” in console.


In the lobby, there’s a man that lets you store items. The size starts off small and can grow by using runes of banking and runes of greater banking up to 300 slots. There’s no way to access your bank other than this NPC.


In the lobby, there’s a NPC that lets you put ten weapons of the same rarity to make a key. The key can be used with the chest behind her. Opening the key usually gives you the same rarity of weapons you put into it. However, they might give you a few other miscellaneous other things. The coins you obtain from green stacks make it worth opening any of them if you can get them.


The Rune Ritual allows you to use accessories, to attempt to create a random Rune. The more accessories you put in, the higher your chance to succeed. Also the more rare accessories you put in, the better chance for a Rare Rune!

Runes can be anything from Extra bank slots, weapon stat re-rolls, cooldown reduction, to boosting your post-round loot on TTT.

Gambling for coins

In lobby, there’s a casino type room that has bullshit, blackjack, slot machines and coin pot. They come at the risk of losing money, while possibly giving amazing amounts.

Slot machine on the Lobby.


Donating will give you rubies which are used for multiple things. Donating $50 over your playtime will get you a donator badge for show.

Donating for VIP lets you have less cooldown for events, gain more player experience, gives you a gift package for every hour of playtime on TTT and the access to VIP deals on FRG. VIP deals select items from the coin shop and lets you buy a certain amount at a discounted price, Even VIP and Runes of Looting!

You also get spins on the !spin command. This is a wheel that has a bunch of goodies you can win!

You get 1 spin per 5 dollars donated.

Chat Commands

Here you will find a list of chat commands, and what they do.


Command Description Other
!reward Outputs the time for your next Hourly Reward.
!vipreward Outputs the time for your next Hourly Reward.
!time <blank or username> Outputs the target's playtime on the server. You can target * for everyone on the server. Or leave blank for your own time.
!improve Automatically adjusts some custom settings for optimal performance.
!block If a target is specified, it adds them to your blocked list. Leave the target blank to open the UI. Blocking someone blocks all text and voice chat with said person(s).
!stopmusic Disables post-round music. !disablemusic also works. You can re-enable it at anytime via the !settings command.
!spin Spins the Spin 'N Win wheel Donator wheel. Only applicable if you have spins from donating.
!trade Sends a Trade Request to the target or opens the send trade UI.
!ttt Connects you to TTT1.
!ttt2 Connects you to TTT2.
!lobby Joins the Lobby Server.


Command Description Other
!spin2win Opens the Spin2win wheel UI.
!deposit Opens the TTT Giveaway Deposit UI This allows you to view the first 15 items in the queue, as well as add items to it.
!patchnotes Opens the latest Patchnote thread. !updates also works
!settings Opens the Settings menu. There's a lot of custom settings in here, so be sure to take a look at this UI.
!ach Opens the Achievement UI
!daily Opens the Daily Challenges UI
!coin Opens the Coinshop
!crate Opens the Crate Progression Screen
!market Opens the Marketplace.
!help Opens this screen.
!inv Opens your Inventory. !inventory, and !in also work.
!rules Opens our Rule List.
!quests Opens the Quest screen. This displays quests you have accepted from NPC's on the Lobby.
!hop Opens the Server Hopper.


Command Description Other
!ejoin Joins a queued Event Only applicable on the Lobby Server, when your party leader queues the party for an event.
!duel Sends a Duel Request to the target, or opens the Duel request UI. Only applicable on the Lobby Server
!party Opens the Party UI. Only applicable on the Lobby Server
!invite Invites the Target to your Party. Only applicable on the Lobby Server
!unstick Unsticks you as SpiderQueen Only applicable during Spider Queen rounds.

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