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Daily Grimms

Hi, My Name Is Manzy. I have observed a problem within FRG. This problem is that there is no reliable way to complete Grimms consistently. My solution to this problem is to stoke within the FRG Player-Base the idea that a Grimms will happen daily at a specific time.

I have created a google doc sign-up sheet to have players committed to a specific time within the week.

The daily Grimms will start from 4-5pm EST. I have also included a question on dietary restrictions to ensure everyone is accommodated.
If you sign up, and miss multiple days your name will be removed, feel free to resubmit the form at any point.

Now please enjoy some improv poetry.

ManzY mANzy manzy MANZY, manzy manzy manzy manzy manzy maNzy manzy mAnzy manzY maNzy manzy. maNzy manzy manzY manzy, manzY maNzy. Angel

Inaugural commencement of Daily FRG Grimms was a success. Thank you to everyone that joined, see you tomorrow at 4pm est.

Heisen already tried this. It happened for a couple of days, but then they started not having less and less players and started failing so it died quickly. If you're making people sign up, that's also doing to deter people away. Anyway, I hope this happens as Grims is a good event, just unloved.

I love me some daily grims even tho Heisen did this months ago let's bring it back poggers

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