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GoldenBye 2, Electric Boogaloo

I can’t bring myself to enjoy the server anymore, I can’t keep up, I can’t just sit down and enjoy the game.

Is this related to my shrine run ending like it did? Not entirely, but it was kind of the nail in the coffin, a reminder that maybe it is time to go, after all. I’ve got other games to play, and I just don’t have time or the spirit for it.

I also have realized that since I’ve left the discord like 2-3 weeks ago, i felt... better? I felt like I just cut out a toxic person from my life. That’s not really a feeling I should have had though.

Since knight and I shared an inventory, I gave him my stuff, or at least all that I felt like, in the 1% chance I get nostalgic and wanna reinstall gmod down the road.

I love most of y’all still, and I’ve made great memories here with a lot of you. I wish the server a ton of success! FRG is too much for me now though, so I gotta leave it behind. Good luck everyone, and stay Golden.


My brother I will miss our FRG adventures but of course I will still talk on discord with you and game with you elsewhere

goldenbye 007, rip goldenguy 2020

Yeah definitely step away if it's feeling like to much.

At the end of the day we're a gmod server built around having fun(though rng can be a bitch and not be so fun if it doesn't work in your favor), and if you're not having fun then the entire point is ruined.

You will be missed my guy, and I do hope you know the remarks I made about shrine were more so targeted at context of the conversation that was going on with everyone at the time, not just directly at you, though in retrospect I can see how it fueled the fire and I should've just avoided it, or at least been more clear. So I apologize if that set you off and down this path.

After awhile, definitely consider stopping back by in the future. Things may feel different/fresh/less toxic by then! You'll always be welcome here.

I hate to see you go goldenguy, I always liked you on NTG and that hasn't changed on FRG. Take care of yourself

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