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Not John Smith - Membership Application

Age: 21 (5-21-98)

Steam Name(Current): Not John Smith

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 189 TTT (614 total)

Where did you hear about this server?: I was very active on NTG and joined FRG late 2014 I believe, when it first started.

Have you ever been banned and why?: No

Why do you want to join?: I've been a Staff or Development member on every ttt inventory server since 2013, I think (other than wogs lol). Now that I'm very active in FRG and its community, thought I'd work my way to staff here as well to hopefully help out a little.

Referred by: old ntg friends from years and years ago that I still see on here all the time (:

Additional Details: It's been really fun reconnecting with old players, I missed you guys. For those new faces that I've just recently met, you all are very friendly and a lot of you have helped me learn everything new there is to know about this server and its community. I hope I can continue to help new players as you all have helped me.

+1 Actually dares to take noobs onto IoD, has too many brothers on here
Cool person to be around, really chill

Actually enjoyable to talk to and do events and stuff with


Dope guy, fun to play events and ttt with.

+1 old friend

+1 makes best train guns

+1 cool guy
Takes noobs on iod
A true legend

He seems like a good person, even if he AFK'd like 6 rounds in a row once making food, which is unacceptable.
But beyond that he's shown to be good member material. +1

+1 known john for a while, i'd secks him

deimos in events

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