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Mystery [Player Complaint]

(01-30-2020, 11:55 AM)Awesome Wrote:  Mystery was banned for a week for rdm situations. This post is about toxicity.

I was looking through the post again right, and jerk butt was talking about Mystery's holier than thou attitude, and I was referring to an incident where he displayed it. So it is on topic.

Arguing if something’s on topic certainly is not so perhaps no need to make pointless replies like I am now by telling you this woot!

We've decided to give Mystery a permanent 80% warning level. If he reaches 100%, it will be for 1+ month. If he causes problems during that period somehow, he will be indefinitely banned. If he reaches 100% within a undisclosed duration after the previous 100% expires, he will be banned for a number of weeks.

We are also linking warning levels in-game with discord, so toxicity on discord will now reflect your warning level in-game, and cause you to be muted both in discord and in-game when 100%.

Do note, this punishment isn't solely for this report, but his continued problem causing over his duration here. His behavior is determined as unacceptable, but we're now going to utilize the warning system more, which should hopefully help in toxicity related issues, without immediately banning the person.

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