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Awesome's +member app

Steam Name(Current):Awesome
Age: 30. yes really.


Have you ever been banned and why: no just troll bans by friends being goofs.

Why would you like to be promoted?: I work nights and play in the off hours most of the time when not a lot of staff is around. Also its nice to be able to help out the server in anyway I am able.

Why do you think we should promote you?: I am more than qualified having been moderator on this server for many years in the past and it does not hurt to have some extra help when needed.

Do you have any administrative experience: Between NTG and FRG I have many years of moderator experience.

Do you agree to FRG's policy on applications(yes or no):Yes.

Additional Details: As I am active regularly and plan to stay active on the server I would like to contribute as I use to and this is the first step in doing so. I have never had an issue being unbias and fair with our players and feel I have always treated everyone the same regardless of who you are. I know the rules of our server better than the moles on my dad bod and have no issue educating new and older players who need reminders lol. Any questions always feel free to reach out.

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