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Crit Sounds

Item Name: Crit Sound X (X replaced with number)
Rarity(Leave blank if it shouldn't be dropped): Coinshop only.
Model: *.mp3
Price: 1200-2000 coins. (jihad sounds are 1200)

Silly idea. We know heads explode people hear that splatter..But..what if..It was something different. This could be clientsided or done on headshot kill. Similar to jihad sounds, it just adds a little flair that makes it your own. And because anyone can buy them, no one will be trying to call out off Sound "Kos fox this guys head exploded like grunt birthday party skull"

Is it neccessary? No, but was jihad sounds? Fun personal flair is all.

Suggested sounds (Nothing longer than 1-2 seconds):
Bonus Ducks!
Grunt Birthday Party!
Illuminati confirmed / Xfiles (only first 2 seconds)
Daymn Son (whered ya find this)
Dayuuummm (from Friday)
Jon tron WHAT? (What the Fu**, only the first WHAT?)
MGS2 Alert
Fortnite headshot sound (Because someones gonna ask for it)
CSGO Headshot
Unreal Tournament "Headshot"
Roblox OOF

Specific Dayuuumm from friday here
Vanished from life

I loved these in TF2 and I think it would be really cool in FRG. I especially enjoy the TF2 crit ding sound. Also maybe another sound is the ding sound off the coins when doing Erron Blacks x-ray from MK11.
Bouncy Rounds

Yeah good idea id like this alot because it'd be interested but id like it to be client side sounds because it'd kinda give away spot.

I do happen to know there's already a system in place for unique death sounds when you kill someone, I don't know if that's similar enough to what you're looking for but we just don't have enough sound clips for that yet and because of that it never got used.

- That Thrakos Noob

It's a cool idea, but I'd only like it if it was purely client side. Headshots are a lot more common than jihads, so it would just become very annoying to everyone in the end.

Yeah, only if it was client side. I don't even like the jihad sounds, this would be stupidly obnoxious.

*Grunt birthday party*

I'm down but only if client side as other people have said

I see alot of people wanting it to be client side only but i propose a compromise, i personally love the idea of just sitting around and then having the guy whos standing next to yous head exploding into a cloud of confetti so i suggest that instead of it being purely client side, have it be an option that can be enable and disabled, so if you dont like it you can just turn it off but if you want it you can turn it on. then everyones happy
Edit: or possibly several different options for example toggling it to just have it client side where only you see it, or where you cant see other peoples effects but have yours show

Im aware this could get annoying to some. But an option yes might be useful to toggle sound items for Jihads and this.
Pikachu: I wasn't saying use Confetti and full effects, just sound. Adding unique effects to each would be far too much work and laggy.
Client-side might be the route, But if the disable options is in place that might be better.

Unpoke: Not full on deathsounds Just headshots.. though thats a different idea for your own deathnote for your player. Could be neat. But this idea was purely headshots for now
Vanished from life

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