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Reminder: Staff evaluation period starts March 27th.

Just a reminder to all staff and players, the evaluation period starts tomorrow. If you're planning to post on someones evaluation thread, please use this format:


Failure to do so will result in your post being ignored.

For staff, please read this for the format you will need to use for your evaluation post:
Remember, you have until April 3rd to post yours, if you wish to keep your position.

Remember to keep it civil, this is not to witch hunt or punish staff. We do NOT want to see small petty reasoning's as your logic behind a 'demote' verdict. Staff are allowed to and WILL make mistakes, so singling out one mistake alone will not likely do too much (obviously depending on the severity of the mistake). Keep in mind this doesn't 100% guarantee a staff member will even be demoted. Depending on the posts, we may just give them feedback on what they can work on, and see if they can improve.

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