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THEFINALRICK Toxicity Ban Appeal #4

+1 if 2koreds could get a member app through im sure rick can get unbanned

-1, you have had more warnings than anyone else on the server.

You were disrespectful to staff members, members(even going as far to justify it is as being ok because they arent staff), and new players alike.

You act extremely immature and disrespectful about anything you do not approve of. One prime example being the bunny crystal event change. Right afterwards you joined the lobby and started being very immature about it, as well as disrespecting both brassx's and my work.

I do not think you have changed in the less than 2 months youve been banned, nobody can change that fast. So far everytime you've been unbanned you repeat the same cycle, and so far you havent shown us any reason to believe you wont do it again.

On Rick's 2nd ban Brass said,
Brassx Wrote:Well I guess since somehow you were magically unbanned, we are going to give you one last chance.

But any toxic behavior we see will result in a final perma ban. With no chance to appeal.

Literally this. I dont care if you are sorry about your actions, you did this to yourself and you will live with the punishments of your actions.


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