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Microboss's Closed Beta Application

Non-disclosure agreement
Do you agree to not leak ANYTHING you see on this server?
That means, no discussing it in discord, or anywhere outside of that specific server, to anyone not involved. Failure to abide by this is a betrayal of our trust, and will have SEVERE consequences.

Yes, Unless i get permission from Brass, and only from Brass. I will never speak to anyone about the server or it's context.

Why should we trust you not to leak any of the stuff you see?

I feel like having a trust badge gives me a bit of credit but i know that only is given to people who Report bugs and not keep secrets but i tried to never abused a bug or exploited unless it is a 2 year old bug (like the grim ammo boxes) or unless i get permission. i try to not break rules and have always kept secrets to my self. I have also reported any and all bugs/exploit i found.

Do you agree to not use anything you see for your own personal gain?
This includes, but is not limited to: trying to manipulate the market by using information you have learned via this beta, or using any knowledge
gained here for any kind of gain, for you, or others.

The risk is WAY to high then the reward on this one.  
There is nothing worth getting banned for.
(also i put a lot of hours into this server just to go down the drain)
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Bump Sad

Ehhhh -1

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