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THEFINALRICK - Unban Request

Steam Name (Current): THEFINALRICK

Steam Name (During incident): THEFINALRICK

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:81990998

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DRATER

Name of staff you were banned by: Tobias

Length of the ban: 1 Week

Would you like your ban shortened or repealed?: Repealed

Reason for ban: (Someone) banned steamid STEAM_0:0:81990998 for 10080 minute(s) (Needs a break, being toxic after being slain is not ok nor is admin disrespect)

Did you commit the actions stated in the ban reason?: Not technically.

What really happened?: I was pissed because I had just gotten false slain two rounds in a row. I wasn't disrespecting an admin, I was disrespecting a member+. I thought they could see @ chat because Member+ have responded to me there before.

Additional details: You can ask fancy, I said it to him. I would have said it in normal chat, but I was muted for ID disguise shenanigans, and what I said wasn't directed towards any admins there. Right after I said it I left to go fish for a while and cool off and was banned before I could load into the lobby.

Here's the order of events that happened yesterday:

1) Rick was warned by Unpoke an hour before the ban to stop being toxic(specifically to stop calling people retards/faggots)
2) 10 minutes before he was banned, he was muted for ID disguising as a player then spamming "nigga" pretending to be them.
3) Rick gets slain by fancy after talking to Unpoke and I about whether he should about an incident that happened regarding a player giving consent to be shot in the foot once.
4) Rick takes his slay, says "fuck you" in admin chat, and leaves.


Now, normally a "fuck you" wouldn't get you banned, however, context is everything in this situation. Being very mad about a slay, then typing to all the active admins "fuck you" and leaving comes off as very malicious and toxic. I fail to see how saying fuck you in admin chat, when the player who slayed you can't even see it, is not directed towards the admins. If you felt the slay was unjustified, you could have handled it the mature way and either made a forum report , PM'd Unpoke or I, or you could have simply let it go as it was a single innocent round you missed.

Either way:
Quote: I wasn't disrespecting an admin, I was disrespecting a member+.

This especially does not help your case. Disrespecting ANYONE, regardless of their rank, is not ok. Everyone should be treated with equal respect.

I strongly feel this ban should stay and you should use it as an opportunity to rethink how you act on the server. You were already on very thin ice before this incident.

First and foremost I think it should be stated that you think pretty much any slay against you is false. We pick our +Members and staff based partly on their comprehension of our ruleset, so most of the time they'll have good reason to slay. On the off chances that they don't, the appropriate action would be to contact a higher ranking staff member and voice your concerns, they'll take it from there. Being toxic towards the person who slayed you is not the answer no matter how upset you may be about it. It's a game and a slay doesn't really do a whole lot.
Secondly, you were banned for general toxicity, not specifically towards staff. It doesn't really matter who you're disrespectful to, it's not tolerated here. I gave you a warning to watch your mouth an hour before the incident after providing you with footage of yourself having an outburst against Beebee calling him a retard and a f*****. These aren't standalone incidents, I've had multiple reports of you doing the same to Eclipse and other staff members.

Also you kind've left out your "ID disguise shenanigans" was disguising as another player and spamming "N***A" over and over through a large copy+paste/bind, which is also not tolerated and I directly told you that prior to you doing it as well.

- That Thrakos Noob

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