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Hello there,
I'm your friendly Razzation.
I've returned to the server,
After moving to a new location.

I played on the server,
Until 10 months ago.
Life hit me hard,
And gaming had to go.

I had to do stuff,
But I'm finally back!
Lots of new things to relearn,
But I'll soon be back on track.

I've missed you all,
And I'm excited to meet the new guys.
I've been playing a lot of LoL,
But the gmod servers, I'll prioritize.

I've forgotten how fun it is,
And I hope you'll accept me.
I'll try my best to be charismatic,
I don't like chickpeas.

Thanks for reading,
I hope you have a golden day.
And if you're on TTT,
Together, I hope we play.

Good luck, have fun.

Welcome back man, missed you man.

"Unpoke Today at 9:25 PM
i feel obligated to point out that you said man twice in a short period of time
in your razz post
Welcome back man, missed you man."

well my perception of you has definitely altered

This is probably the best thread I have ever read
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bang bang all in the room
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(01-03-2019, 06:11 AM)edit Wrote:  bang bang all in the room

stay weary razz this man will go sicko mode on you
When a dragon round begins.

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I'm happy to see you again

Welcome back man!

Hey Razz, proud to see your ability to pull yourself away from the screen to focus on more pressing matters. Good prioritization skills. Glad to see you found a point where you can rest and relax a little. Looking forward to spamming you with trade offers begging to buy your stuff Smile

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