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(06-17-2018, 07:11 PM)Brassx Wrote:  Regardless of what happens, your time here will never go to waste. You set a standard for all other admins at the time, a standard that was tough to keep, even today.

Sample Text.

Nope. You can't leave or else I will become mod and ban you.

oh shit peace axe. I know we never got back on better terms really, but you're an awesome guy and I hope your future is amazing. Stay cool Smile

This thread really must have flown under my radar, it really sucks to lose you Axe

We've both been here for a while, going back to the old NTG days, and we've both have been admins here but only really gotten to know each other recently.

You're a bright guy and I know you'll do well wherever you go.

Hope you keep in touch.

I'll even play that fortnite clone with you

I really enjoying you yelling at 2k all the time. Made it so i didnt have to.

But, it is sad to see you go. Always thought you were a ton of fun, ever since back in NTG those many years ago.
Good luck with what you do from here on out.
(and if you decide you're done here for good, you should totally sell those godlikes back to me <3)
When a dragon round begins.


(06-20-2018, 05:40 PM)Fancy Typhlosion Wrote:  I really enjoying you yelling at 2k all the time. Made it so i didnt have to.

-1 mod app

Axe don't leave I'll miss you yelling at me all the time.

This is the comment you gave me on my first member app over 4 years ago:

He has definitely shaped up after his sharking/lying and is deserving of a +1. I give this app a HUGE +1 though because he is a lot of fun to play with and very respectful. He also knows the rules.

I'll genuinely never forget how nice you were to me, and I can without hesitation say, I respect you, and am glad to have met you
Umpty Dumpty

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