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Hey, so I'm getting a new laptop for school. I'm going for The Bachelor of Design in Architecture and I was wondering if anyone has an recommendations for a computer that would be good for design. Obviously not a mac.... I need a laptop for under $2,000 that is durable, fast, and can run programs like Autodesk Revit.

Please do not post if you aren't familiar with computers.
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Anything with an I7 and a decent amount of RAM should be enough for that. Those design applications tend to use a lot of Memory and CPU though. Especially Autodesk stuff.

You want 12gb+ of ram easy, I would say at least 16Gb, but ram is super expensive now days. You could probably get away with a good I5 CPU though.

For the Video Card, Anything GTX 960 or higher should be good enough for those applications to run without any choppiness. Laptop cards/ram are even more expensive than normal, so that would probably up the price a decent amount.

I have a MSI GE72 GQF Apache Pro. Its around 1500 and runs really well.
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