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Membership Application

Are you wanting to apply for member? Well you've come to the right place. To become a member you must have AT LEAST 50 hours playtime on the servers and be AT LEAST 14 years of age. Please note that some applications will take longer than others to process and nobody is entitled to become a member. Becoming a member is a privilege. To apply for membership simply copy the below application then find your way to our "Membership" section on the forums and paste the application there. When titling your membership application please make it as follows, "(steam name) - Membership Application"

Here is an example:

Age: 22

Steam Name(Current): Jake1o

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 501

Where did you hear about this server?: I'm from NTG

Have you ever been banned and why?: No

Why do you want to join?: This community is my favorite!!! =)

Referred by: Brassx

Additional Details: This server is great and it would be an HONOR to be member here!!! =D

Obviously I half assed my application and acted like a 12 year old but I recommend you spend some time filling yours out and hopefully you'll be on your way to becoming a member. =)

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