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I was put on a timeout from chat on discord and in game

i told someone they had a penis and was warned for being transphobic, im not entirely sure that deserves being muted for a whole week or that it even deserves punishment entirely, my lady friends joke about having dicks all the time, i said the one thing and get punished i mean they could have just told me not to say things involving genitalia because they are sensitive to that or something but its the internet so i mean how should i know, all im saying is that a mod made a comment to drop whatever the person was ranting about afterwards and i didnt say anything about it, then they bring it to the general chat in discord and of course when i see myself being slandered as transphobic i needed to speak up for myself. I just feel like this whole situation, if you could even call it that, was handled poorly.

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penis moment

snopp ögonblick

your upbringing was clearly handled poorly

(10-14-2022, 06:11 AM)Not John Smith Wrote:  your upbringing was clearly handled poorly

Very cool opinion, however have you considered that perhaps you are +projecting +cope +didnt ask
why not post something constructive instead of tryna flame, your pfp says enough ඞ

haha, wee wee go boing boing

penis moment episode 2???

With the response you just made to NotJohn clearly shows that your just arrogant, you want your punishment to be reduced but yet you cant just be calm and collected being a dick is going to get you no where


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