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Deathrage Player Report

Steam Name of Offending Player: Deathrage

Steam ID of Offending Player: STEAM_0:0:104937313

Maps the event happened on: Various - dm_amsterville_night + ttt_roy_the_ship most notably + gm_lego_backlot

Dates of event: Various throughout 2022 - 19th of April + 27th of May + 6th of September

What Happened?: I don't remember exactly how it started...I think Deathrage first made his presence known to me when he joined god knows how long ago by saying mean things about my mother so I just blocked him and went about my day, figuring he wasn't worth interacting with since every interaction leading up to the block was of him trying to say rude things about me or to me. Details on this interaction are fuzzy.
That one interaction is not the focal point of this report, don't worry.
The focal point is that Deathrage keeps constantly trying to get my attention even to this day, whether it's following me around (sometimes only following me around too closely like he's a traitor lining a headshot up on me to kill me) and shooting towards me or at my feet during rounds and trying to traitorbait me. Sometimes he would ask others to send me messages on his behalf - usually rude in nature - to circumvent the block. Generally just being a gigantic nuisance, really.
On one occasion, he brought me up because he apparently enjoys getting an angry reaction out of me and The Suess commented on him being oddly obsessed with me. (I have a clip of The Suess's half of this along with conversation logs between me and Suess on this matter.)
To summarise: While he does traitorbait others and has been recorded doing this to others, Deathrage has made it a mission of his to constantly try to annoy the hell out of me and traitorbait + harass me or be an ass to me and although I have repeatedly asked him to stop and brought this to the attention of moderators and so on, he simply will not stop. If me making a fuss about it to members of Staff won't cause any action at all to be taken towards him, this will. I do not want to speak to Deathrage at all nor entertain his "annoying equals funny" one-dimensional personality but he will never take the hint and it's at a point now where even his very presence brings down my mood on FRG very quickly.

Witnesses: The Suess + Not John Smith

Evidence: (Reminder: Just because it wasn't recorded doesn't mean it didn't happen - there's a LOT more that he's done than just what I've capped)
dm_amsterville_night - 19th of April

May 27th:
(omitted: me yelling VERY angrily at deathrage after killing him, not john smith was present for this)

6th of September

the DMs between me and The Suess shortly after - the reason why this forum report was even a consideration in the first place

I haven't watched the videos yet, but I will say Deathrage brutally targets Manegunner and I swear no one else. Definitely something that needs to stop, Deathrage of course has been warned for this type of behavior before.

I overheard a conversation that he found it extremely easy to get an angry reaction from Mane and that felt very weird and obsessive to me. Whenever I play ttt, I do notice this pattern of behavior and its gotta stop

Deathrage is toxic and obsessive with mane to the point of trying to bypass mane blocking him by trying to egg on other players to push his harassment for him.

I can back up Coach's message about deathrage's 'Its just easy to get him mad and get a reaction from him' comments as he has said something similar multiple times.

Has his funny moments here and there that are obviously banter but his interaction with mane (even though mane has done everything in his power to just ignore him) are nothing short of harassment and toxic

Deathrage deadass gonna make Brass code a fucking restraining order or some shit. But yeah I dunno I'm so fucking tired of hearing about these lame ass day to day harassments, if you don't like somebody you block them and leave it at that.
What you don't do is actively try to harass them over and over. The whole "ima stalk this guy until he gets fed up with me" shit is just lowlife. Deathrage is simply ruining Manegunners gameplay experience since he gets a kick out of his reaction which obviously isn't okay. If you wanna see another fellas fully exposed asshole then you should just ask him, not this "12 year old girl is mean to cute boy she likes" shit that's happening RN.

To put it simply I personally would say: Either fix the behavior or fuck right off.
Also I CBA dealing with the ensuing "toxicity evasion" that always comes from these kinds of posts. Whenever the reported player starts lobbing passive aggressive statements about the post or messing with the reportee in more subtle ways and think they're slick, none of that shit. Just stop bothering Mane and play the game like a somewhat respectable human being, or don't play the game at all.

With all this said I am very distanced from GMOD currently, hope y'all are enjoying the halloween update.

Punishment given.


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