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Complaint about Chilly

Steam Name of Offending Player(s): Chilly

Steam ID of Offending Player(s):STEAM_0:1:94009657

Map the event happened on: ttt_train

Date of event: 10/30/21 at around 9:00am PST

What Happened?: Called me a faggot and told me to kill myself as well as attempting to revenge rdm me (i killed him before he could finish me off)

Witnesses: Limeinade and Bat

Evidence: https://gyazo.com/5735cdce6b7b2087ead0db90cc461f53

ok, you do this all the time and? 6'4 btw

You have very little evidence one little screenshot is not sufficient the !block command works wonders too
Minehuis: Pancakes
Rangerdanger0: Waffles
Rangerdanger0: lol rekt

I think this has already been handled.

before he finished you off????

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