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Prerelease notes 09/08/2021

Added the Improbability Device

The Improbability device is an item you purchase for coins, or rubies, from the coinshop.

Once you have it in your inventory, you add the respective currency to the device, until eventually it awards you an item.

The price per 'attempt' does not increase. Its a flat rate, and the chance to proc an item is a flat 1/30. However, there are 2 sub rarity procs within this, I call "Uncommon" and "Common" procs. Each of these have their own table of items. Once you proc the 1 in 30, it tries to proc the rare 'proc', then if that fails it tries the Uncommon proc, then if that fails, it spits out a random item on the Devices common loot table.  The Uncommon and Rare procs get more likely the more currency you have offered to that specific device total. Eventually getting an uncommon is guaranteed, and so is getting a rare if your attempts get that high.

You can type !improb to read more about this, and see the specific rates.

The rates screen has a nice little interactive calculator, so you can see your odds depending on the attempt.

Currently the Improbability device is only available on the Coinshop for rubies, however, the Coin version will be available in around 2 days.


Quote:Is anything from the Shrine of Chance in this?
Just the prims (Wild Card, Pocket Infinity ,Mighty Morphing). No shrine specific traits, exotics, or godlikes are in this from the shrine.

Quote:Are there shrinelike style global godlikes in this?
No. Pretty much all the unique rare table stuff are unique to this device. I also plan on making a series of these over time, with new items.

Quote:Isn't this pay 2 win?
All of our perks are a little pay2win. The problem is when that crosses the line and gives people with fat wallets access to powerful items or weapons, that no one can access without paying real money. This is not that case at all here, the reason donators get early access to items like these, is the purely cosmetic "Discovery" aspect. Once available for coins, the coin drops completely outnumber the ruby drops by far. They are paying for a chance to get their name on a weapon, and early access 'hype'.

That said, I have ensured there's at least ONE discovery in the coin version, separate from the ruby version, but it's possible there will be more too depending on rng of course.

Quote:Isn't this gross gambling?
It is a form of gambling yes, as are crates. With this though, its more like a special high risk crate, not much different from our other ones if you really look deep. You're paying more currency to skip most of the mindless 'low tier' drops you get from crates, to have a better chance at the cooler stuff.  You also have to read multiple warnings, and sign a waiver stating you fully understand the risks before using it.  If people end up feeling like they can't control their impulses, I will step in and remove their access from the device (you can request this from me whenever you'd like via DM).

Quote:What is the average price per rare?

Current Ruby version Statistics for 1,000 procs:

Total Rubies Spent:2,963,800
Total Items obtained:1,000
Total Rares:75
Total Uncommons:270
Total Commons:655
Total Spent Rares:407,800
Total Spent Uncommons:1,189,500
Total Spent Commons:1,366,500

Average rubies per item: 2,964
Average rubies per rare per device: 5,437
Keep in mind this can vary drastically because of RNG.



edit: fuck.

hoply shit improibulation

I am excited to see what happens to the economy lol, thanks for the cool new stuff brass


ayo lets go

Death to coin!

I cant wait to liquidate 50-100% of my coin stock on this Tongue

Can't wait to see that we spend 1 Trillion coins on this project.

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