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Axes of the Nephelim

Axes of the Nephelim



Bimonthly? Trib unique? Exclusive drop to Trib AND IoD (Higher chance in trib)? Have one part drop from Trib and one from IoD and combine them?

Axes used by the Nephilim, half breeds of Angels and Demons.

*This weapon lifesteals a % of damage dealt, this percentage goes up the lower HP you are.

Combo based melee, to be completely honest I have no idea how you decide to make the combos brass so I'll leave this up to you. Dealing damage with this melee fills up the blood gauge, after dealing X amount of damage, the axes are charged. The charge is indicated by the blade part of the axes changing to Angelic/Demonic texture (they should be animated because why not).

After whatever combo of high speed slashes and horizontal slashes, combine the axes to deal a massive blow that can one tap people in the head.

For a short duration after this combo, left click to summon the spirit of Tzadkiel to do a random attack. Right click instead to summon the spirit of Bazzalth to have him do one of his attacks. Brass, ima leave you to decide which attacks you see fit.

Damage dealt by summoned attacks will heal for 100% of the damage they deal.

Awesome idea, but seems like a straight massive powercreep to Ashrune and Thorn

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