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Coded Epidemic

Coded Epidemic


balenciaga rarity

+20% Accuracy
+25% Damage
+20% Firerate
-30% Stability
-20% Deploy speed

The only thing this weapon lacks is instructions. Write them with the trigger.


*Hits with this weapon stack the victim with Outbreak. Outbreak causes victims to spawn machines out of their body that detonate in a small AoE and do X amount of damage. Every stack of Outbreak increases the frequency of the machines, and the more stacks a person has the more damage they take from machine explosions. A shot from Coded Epidemic gives 2 stacks, while a machine detonation gives 1 stack. Up to a maximum of 6 stacks. Stacks last X amount of seconds. Probably should be kept on the shorter end.

*Fully stacked victims drop a Node upon death. Shooting this node spawns a large amount of machines that track nearby players. Picking up the node spawns 8 machines that follow the player, 6 attackers and 2 healers. Attackers function the same as a normal machine, and will aggro anyone that attacks the wielder. Healers will constantly heal the wielder until they are destroyed.

This affects NPCs, nodes do increased damage to PvE enemies and they should still spawn Nodes upon death.

There should probably be a limit to how many machines you can have from picking up nodes, but at the same time it'd be funny to be an absolute clusterfuck of AI.

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