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2koreds - Membership Application

I mean, not too long ago you repeatedly harassed me over several rounds before ultimately blocking me, I made a thread on it. But Membership hardly means anything anyways, I don't think the bar should be very high for it (I mean, I got membership on NTG, so...)

You're not a very pleasant individual, though, not in the slightest. Honestly, you remind me a lot of myself at times, and it makes me cringe realizing how terrible I was. In my personal opinion, I don't like you whatsoever, not only because you constantly belittled me (Over my poor voice too, like, what am I supposed to do? Be born with a different voice?), and then you revenge RDM'd me (which you labelled as I shot first, maybe I did, nobody seems to have the shot logs). Just from overall impressions you don't seem like the sort of person I'd like to go "Hey, this guy is what FRG is made of!"

But as I said, I'm pretty toxic too and Membership isn't exactly a 50-foot hurdle, so I'm not for or against. I doubt it'd hurt the server in any way. Though I'll say it here, I would loathe to see you +member. You also complain about how people play minigames, but yesterday in a sword fight you delayed for over 300 seconds, and ended the match with one kill. When it was just you and one other player left, you opted to FLEE into the fog while saying "Haha you don't get an extra kill now". Of course, you ended top 3 due to your 300+ seconds of time, while 3-4 kill players weren't. That's pretty silly. I'm pretty certain you're very happy to bend the rules whenever you wish. But, that is my opinion, I haven't played with you a huge amount (I prefer to not be around if you are).

-1 I don't enjoy playing with u at all.

-1 He might not seem very toxic when member+ are on but when they leave and he really shows his true colors.The amount of times he's RDM'd when it's just a few people on is really annoying and shouldn't be what reflects the server as a whole.

Might as well give my thoughts about you. This will be a +0 to save you the trouble of all this reading, I'm just giving my thoughts on how I think you are as a player on FRG. I do not care if you become member I'm not against or for so please take this with a pinch of salt if you do get upset or mad about this.

I think as a player your at least decent in my opinion, you can be very obnoxious when your laughing very loud for seven seconds straight and just be loud to be loud, however that's a small nitpick. But being a staff member I get to see all your reports and to be honest I hate doing your reports so much and I love to do reports on the server. Example when a player reports you for something it's most of the time because you did something that was not okay but at the same time kind of follow the rules to a very low extent that it makes your reports very hard to justify and makes it seems you like to bend the rules a bit. When you report someone it's almost a good amount of time just very petty crap, like one time a person hit you for 20 damage (I think) because some guy hit you in cross fire so you stop during your match to report him because your T round is now a little bit harder to complete, then when the guy responds he said it was in crossfire and you still keep the report, it just seems very childish to do so and kind of reflects how you act, (also note were not allowed to slay for crossfire).

Moving on. Like I said before as a player your decent, you know how the basic rules work and your not too obnoxious besides the laughter but like I said before I can't blame you. However one thing that ticks me off is that you love to use that book to go to places that you should not be going and you do know you should not be going to those places. I mean all it takes is a simple !tp and then done, but one time where I did that on Casino, (I think I got the map right, but if not it is the map where you need three bodies for a light saber) you got after me and somewhat loud yelled at me because you literally went to an area where you could see through the wall and look inside the building, like I'm sorry I did my job. However I'm sure your at least better now from your book shenanigans and your at least okay with it. But if you become member I don't want to see you use that shit to exploit.

A small thing that I also have with you that you have been now doing is that you like to go to admin chat and tell us what to do to other people if there is a problem. Like I know you want to do what you think is "best" for the server and that's fine, nothing wrong with it but it can get a bit annoying but not to much. If there is something that is a problem to you but nothing has been done about it, it's most likely fine, one time where this happen you got in a small argument saying I was wrong at something but it was actually fine and it just got annoying. Don't worry we know how do our jobs and how to handle it. The only concern you should have is your self, we can handle the problems. But don't let that stop you, if there is someone in a wall please tell me because I will most likely not notice if someone is stuck.

Finally as for your toxicity. It really is not that bad form what I have seen, people just love to throw that label around. Maybe you are the most toxic person when no staff are on but I would not know that since there is not a lot of proof of that so I don't know :/.

To some this up, if I was a member or below I would think you actually be fine but your reports are just so tedious to do that it holds me back to +.5 or +1. As for the other stuff there really just small nitpicks I have with you that I can get by at the end of the day, I just wanted to share the ones I have, some of them are not even things to -1 for. I just thought you should know. In my opinion your ehhhhhhhh for member but its up to the community. Please do lower the levels of some the things that you do though if you can. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day. :>


Although membership doesn't do much, becoming a member is representing the server. By that, he is extremely ill fit to be member. After his much deserved ban, he still remains toxic only when member+ and up are not around. I don't know where these people coming out of the woodwork saying that he's a nice guy. But, they clearly only play with him when staff are on and not when he's ugly to people. He also reports a lot and for the most petty reasons. I distinctly remember him reporting someone for dealing a grand total of 2 damage and he still wanted a slay on the guy. He also kill people for the slightest reasons.

If you want to see a couple of the times he killed me, just because he could.

2Koreds hasn't reformed at all. The only thing that he's learned is to hide his toxicity from staff. Outside of that, he's remained the same from what I've seen and heard -1.

To me hes been nothing but just fun to hang around with hes one of the reasons im still on the server he makes it more fun you could say. Either way i would give him 1+

I'd be skeptical about giving 2koreds member. My problem is that he doesn't understand when he's being toxic or not and counter argues with "you need to know the difference between not liking and toxic" when different people are saying it.

The only other argument I can think of is that you do all this stuff that RDMs, but when someone does 2 damage to you, you make a petty report. Pretty much just disappointed that you don't know how to let things go or immediately want people slain over accidents.

-1 is always extremely toxic and not enjoyable to play with in the least.

I've never had a problem with him and personally find him enjoyable to be around.

Considering most people do have problems with how he conducts himself I'll give this a +0

I do not recall ever having any sort of problem with you, and this is a just a member app sooooooooo yeah, i have no problem +1-ing this. Smile

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