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Forerunner Gaming: The Beginners' Guide

Forerunner Gaming
The Beginner's Guide

  Hello new players, welcome to FRG! You've stumbled on to a unique, non-vanilla TTT server on gmod that runs off its own unique "inventory system". This means, within TTT, there will also be a sort of server-market with unique guns all displaying different stats and abilities. You will be able to collect your own guns here, each of which runs on rarities, and become rich. Don't worry though, every gun here is carefully balanced, so you won't get overpowered by players who have already begun collecting. Here, you'll also enjoy a variety of additions such as minigames, leveling, a lobby, and lots more. Our community is friendly and helpful, so if you have any questions not found on here, feel free to just ask. If you're looking for something specific, I encourage you use CTRL + F and search for keywords.

I.) Inventory System Basics

II.) Coinshop

III.) Leveling and the Lobby

IV.) Changing the Interface

V.) Everything about Crystals

VI.) Minigames and Events


If you have any questions that you couldn't find here, post them below and somebody will answer them.
Also check out:
Brass' Guide to the Server
Terran's Guide to Crystals
Brass' Guide to Crystals

I will add onto this post in time including a full guide on how to use the forums.
Have fun!

This has been reposted 12/30/15 to fix errors found. This was posted with Brassx's permission.

- That Thrakos Noob

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