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Breaded Membership Application

Age: 20

Steam Name(Current): Breaded

Time played on servers?(!time username to check): 186

Where did you hear about this server?: Moz begged me for 3 weeks every day, day and night he would say "please breadman I love you, come to FRG"

Have you ever been banned and why?: unpoke banned me one time because he was intimidated of my presence on the server

Why do you want to join?: This is basically my admin application, but I have to go through the ranks apparently. I just want to get admin powers so I can give myself the untrustworthy trader tag and gain influence with Brassx so he adds muskets.

Referred by: Moz (my boyfriend)

Additional Details: Yes I am an egirl, Im 6'6, and 90% of the frg community tries to buy feet pics from me. THE GYAZO IS PROOF


+1 hahaha bread man hahaha yeahhhh yeahhhh hahaha yeahhh +1 hahahah yeahhhhh

+1 good man, likes bread, likes goats, likes muskets.

didn't put me in referral though

breaded it very secks, should've sold me polarity tho +1

+1 to breaded, and also muskets I guess.

Known him since NTG +1

+1 Funny person to be around, haven't had a problem with them

+1 He seems like a nice guy, he's chill and pretty nice as far as I see from playing with him

+1 a devoted milf hunter and all around funny man

+1 he cool man diserves member

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