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[NERF] Fools world Ability[Implemented] - Excel - 05-19-2019

Unlimited uses?
Panic Crouch as soon as i get shot at for basically instant godmode HUEHUEUHUE you can't shoot me ?

I suggest you give the shield a health limit and make it so once its broke you can't use it for about 20 seconds
It can regen health if its not shot at for a few seconds

RE: [NERF] Fools world Ability - nice_the_boar - 05-19-2019

no nerf pls my favort gun

RE: [NERF] Fools world Ability - Glazz - 05-19-2019

Gonna copy n paste what i said from the other fools world nerf suggestion. Idc about the stats, the shield is the problem.

Anyways, what really is annoying with the fools world is the ability to block almost every damage type there is just crouch. Sure you can just say get up close and gun them down but the person can just stand up, gun you down, and maybe crouch back down to block any other damage coming. There can be times when a sniper tries to kill someone with the fools world out but they can't because he/she is crouching and blocking all the shots without any repercussions. The idea to have the shield have a set hp like the trident could balance it out.

RE: [NERF] Fools world Ability - FoxSasha - 05-19-2019

+1. This needs a set HP to snap it, and some kind of cooldown before its reused. This unlimited shield is REALLY OP.

Im not sure but i think it even blocks explosions

RE: [NERF] Fools world Ability - Kazen - 05-19-2019

+1, this really gets annoying and it is the only thing people with fools world will do the entire round.

RE: [NERF] Fools world Ability - Brassx - 05-19-2019

I agree it should have hp attached to it, that doesn't reset upon use. Once it breaks, it goes on cooldown for a set duration, then regains hp.

To compensate for this, I will increase its firerate a tad, as the nerf I applied was a bit too harsh.


The shield now has 500 HP and glows from green to red when damaged. The HP only resets once destroyed and the cooldown ends. I have also increased its firerate to about 2 shots per second.