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[Buff] Ophiuchus Of The Void - Devestator159 - 01-12-2019

I think as of right now Void at least in my opinion is the worst/weakest of the the and arguably the hardest to obtain. With that said I think its trait should have one or more of the following done to it:

A. be completely changed to something different/better

B. get Healing in the realm and maybe have a aoe damage blast when entering/exiting.

One other thing i'd like to see changed is, it should be able to proc by giving and receiving damage.

Lastly and this is very much needed for a suffix/trait like this: Its proc chance needs to be lowered or else it never procs/you're already dead before it does.

But most importantly above all else: if its kept as is or with the buffs, MAKE IT AUTO PROC THE SUFFIX! NO PROMPT, JUST *BOOM* YOU'RE IN.

RE: [Buff] Ophiuchus Of The Void - The Black Parade - 01-12-2019

I would like to see the trait buffed instead of changed. I like the idea of healing and a aoe blast. Maybe you heal 50 health and instead of a damage blast, it'll knockback players surrounding you like a discombob.