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New Container Thread - Kheyre - 06-11-2018

Just imagine that you can suddenly rename backpacks (with purchase of Rune of Identify*from coinshop) as to giving you the ability to change the tab that exists for its contents.
The rename would only be visible to you as to prevent any sort of rename griefing.

*Name subject to change.

More container types, not just badges and the current backpack.

Chest (40-50 slots, not always the same size when dropped. Can only be opened on the lobby but you can put items into it at any time.)

Satchel (5-10, This is to be the legendary version of a backpack.)

Enhanced Backpack (16-32, This one was designed to be more of a challenge as it would require 2 backpacks and a crafting regent.)

RE: New Container Thread - The Black Parade - 06-11-2018

I like the rename idea, but I dont think we need new container types

RE: New Container Thread - MicroBoss - 06-11-2018

+1 i really enjoy this. i would like a combined backpack. would be kinda nice.

RE: New Container Thread - HolidayInCambodia - 06-11-2018

I think naming backpacks shouldn't necessarily be something to pay for if it were added, and the other container types just seems a bit too much. I could get behind a combined backpack but not any of the others

RE: New Container Thread - tobiasxz-usagi - 06-11-2018

yeah we really don't need anymore container items as of now.

RE: New Container Thread - Terran - 06-11-2018

Honestly, how do you need inventory space? I have 80 freakin' slots and I'm totally good with it. The bank has a shitload of space.

I feel like having more containers just increases the "HOARDER" mentality people have. Who the fuck needs to hold 6 railguns? If you have one of a cool gun, that should be enough. I have a collection of cool unlikely's, legendary's and even a few Primordials and that is enough. I really don't think there should be more artifical inventory slots, it seems silly. Learn to manage and keep what you want, sell what you don't.

Again, people seem to hoard shit and that's really stupid.