I'm Innocent, I swear!
142 completions today.

Play 5 rounds as an Innocent
Rewards Daily Reward Pouch
Marathon Runner
135 completions today.

Walk a total of 222883 units during active rounds of TTT.
Rewards Daily Reward Pouch
Play Rounds
130 completions today.

Play 11 rounds of TTT
Rewards Daily Reward Pouch
Secondary Kills
74 completions today.

Get 10 rightful Secondary Weapon kills while playing TTT.
Rewards 3 - 5 Tier IV Keys
Rightful Headshot Kills
105 completions today.

Get 8 rightful headshot kills while playing TTT.
Rewards 5 - 8 Tier III Keys
Jump King
124 completions today.

Jump a total of 104 times.
Rewards 8 - 12 Random Crates