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Cya 2

GMOD was something I enjoyed to play on occasion, I got to chat with those awesome people I met all the way back on NTG. Honestly some of the guys on FRG I've known and talked to for the past 5 years. Sadly, I don't see myself playing with Axes departure so I figured I would uninstall GMOD and make an official departure.

Sad to see you go, good luck in your future ventures though Sad

- That Thrakos Noob
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You were always a super chill dude, sad to see you go for real and hope you come back in the future
You're not the Jesus of Suburbia.
The St. Jimmy is a figment of
your father's rage and your mother's love.
Made me the idiot America.

Green Day - Letterbomb
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Good luck man, hope to see you in S&ndbox
Black Paradise
Black Pearl
Black Panther
Black Paregg
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Will miss you Pepper, we had some great memories together. I always remember you being a great friend and person. Have a wonderful future man
im the dude who was banned for almost 2 years
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No one cares
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miss you pepper
Everybody look left

Everybody look right

Everywhere you look I'm--

Standing in the spotlight
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