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FrostBurn Brightness

(10-13-2017, 08:00 PM)Brassx Wrote:  Next iteration:
  • Flames are less intense. 30% as intense as the original(currently at 50%)
  • Frostburns will have more recoil.
  • Frostburns will have a headshot damage falloff past a certain range.

If that doesn't 'work for them' a different balancing aspect would be less accuracy. But with the above changes they would still be ok at range, just no 2 tap headshots. With accuracy nerf, they will be completely useless at range.

can you lower the flames and frost, like in height not in brightness i mean also lower in the brightness.

Also thank you for any changes you do for the frostburn's brightness
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Or just remove the spinning ferno/frost visual and only make them come up if you are using the ability. Whenever the ability is fully charged then they glow.

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