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2koreds Member Application

(10-09-2017, 03:24 AM)EmperorWhale Wrote:  
(10-09-2017, 03:14 AM)Bri Wrote:  Me being "constantly ridiculous" to you doesnt even make sense because you just said I havent been on in weeks. Im saying -1 same reason as before because the time period between this application and your last, I have seen no progress in you as a person helping the community. Just because I haven't been on in weeks doesn't mean im completely inactive and what about the other months between your last member post. You linking a screenshot of something thats already been settled by multiple staff members is immature, and if you really want to I can just post screenshots of you mass rdm'ing MULTIPLE times when no +member or staff is online. Someone who responds that way of a -1 doesn't need to be a member. Someone who has been denied multiple times should probably wait more than 1 month and 4 days before posting another one.
If you ACTUALLY have proof of him mass RDMing, why are you saving them, and why not just post them so you have a reason other than making people go back and look at your previous response to his member app? I'm sure it'd help others decide on their opinion of this member app, and it'll probably keep this bickering down to a minimum, cause it's pretty stupid.

Glad a +member is keeping screenshots of a supposed mass RDMer and threatening to use them in a spat on a member app. Very good.

Lmao I have already tried doing something about it, but nothing gets done. I'm not going to waste my time trying to do something that will lead in a big situation where I havent been on the server in weeks and I have to try to remember or explain what happened. All I have is screenshots of him doing damage to other innocents, stories can get easily made up, context can be easily taken the wrong way or someone can just lie the entire time. Thats why I record. I'm not going to make a report on someone that should have already been banned for the amount of discomfort and annoyance that he brings to other players.

I have no issues with you personally, and I'm sorry your member app turned into a huge shitfest. I think you need to work on some things, and if you'd like to know just PM me. No rating right now, but please don't respond on your member app to other people. You can, but it makes you look bad. If you have proof about other members not doing their jobs or being disrespectful, take it up to a PM. That's how a member should do it, not ignite a fire that someone built to piss you off. +0

I think this was handled incorrectly both ways, lets not drift into an argument and actually tell 2koreds what we think of him as a potential member. Thank you.

I still do not see you as member material. The constant disrespect towards the community is not something I'd like to see from a member.

Ignoring the drama up above, I haven't seen him being toxic to others or disrepect anyone when I'm on. It may be because I'm not very active but when I'm on playing with him, he's just positive. I would stay neutral for now from what I've read and not -1 because he's improving. He just needs more time and maybe he can be a member.

-1 when i was on with him today (10/12/17) i saw him rdm and i saw him being toxic.
i got rdmed by him and i reported him, when i did he lied in his report and when i said that he lied this is what his reply is "2koreds: stfu micro youre adopted - not even your real parents love you" i don't really know if he was just joking around or not, but seems abit toxic.

2koreds is nice when i'm around him for some reason...but he's a good buddy of mine and i think that if he had the opportunity to be a member...the negative comments that were given to him will fix themselves through self motivation...if there are still problems then there are some options of demoting and such...but i'd have to go ahead and give him a +1
(and i have a greater reason to hate him more than anyone of you, he got me banned for a week..learn to forgive people)


I got on for a minute and this is the first thing I see. Until things like this stop happening, I don't think you're member ready, sorry.


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