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Patchnotes 10/01/2017

  • Added a new weapon stats page: http://forerunnergaming.org/weapons/ . This shows average stats for current tiers of the displayed rarity classes. This is useful for people suggesting items for CC2. It allows you to get a general idea of stat values for each rarity class.
  • Hunter Rounds
    • You must now be level 5 to be randomly selected as a hunter.
    • All doors on the map are removed at the start of the round.
    • Hunters must now knife someone every 60 seconds, or they will drain health over time.
    • Players must now reach randomly spawned objectives to stay immune to the toxic fog. Each Care package you reach grants +15 health, slightly more visibility in the fog (while within the radius), and immunity to the fog for 1.5 minutes while outside the radius of said objective. These are marked on your screen with a distance meter to show where and how far away they are. (They are different per-person, and only visible to their owner)

      Each package, or 'objective' you reach contributes directly to the amount of drops you get post round (there is a cap).

      Winning allows you to get more drops, while losing allows you to get some, but it's limited(even if you deal no damage you can still get drops from collecting objectives).
    • Being in the top three grants additional drops, on top of your objectives collected.
    • Hunters now get loot based on how many kills they got. Win or lose. Winning grants more drops, losing grants less.
    • Touched up the end-round scoreboard.
    • Increased the hunter-beam cooldown.
    • Various other small changes.
  • Adjusted the spawn system to include map-placed spawn points.

Thanks for the update, Brass
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