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Mebership Application - Mr. Many - Mr. Many - 07-12-2018

Age: 16
Steam Name: Mr. Many (current)
Time Played on This Server: 254 hours

Where did I hear about this server:
My friend Firehawk and I played NTG very briefly. After a while of not playing Gmod i decided to come back and found FRG.

Have I Ever Been Banned?
No, I'm 99.97% sure.

Why do I Want to Join?:

I've been playing on this server for a decent amount of time now and I really enjoy the nice cheerful community. I really enjoy playing this server and would like to continue playing this server but as a member.

Referred by: N/A
Additional Details: This Server Is Awesome! I very much enjoy the boss fights the questing and the crate system in this server it is all very well developed and to me its like an MMO RPG for TTT Gmod.

RE: Mebership Application - Mr. Many - edit1o - 07-12-2018

Why not
You're a pretty cool guy and I'd be glad to see you become a member

RE: Mebership Application - Mr. Many - F I R E H A W K - 07-12-2018

+1 is a pretty dedicated and fun member of the community. We played together on NTG and we came to FRG and it was pretty fun. Follows rules and also has cancer enough aim to where every time we 1v1 we always trade. smh