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Posted by: Dumpweed - 06-17-2018, 05:41 PM - Forum: Shit Posting - Replies (1)

buying manager 2 sheckels

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  Patchnotes 06/16/2018
Posted by: Brassx - 06-16-2018, 07:25 PM - Forum: Server Patchnotes - Replies (19)


  • Introducing, the FRG Launcher Beta! If you're a member or higher on the forums and are on Windows, visit http://forerunnergaming.org/forums/launcher.php to join in on the beta!
    • You must be on Windows Currently for this to run!
  • The FRG launcher is an application I have written to help people who have issues with missing content. It takes care of updating all of our files, and allows you to join a FRG server directly from the application.
    To use it, download it from the page above and enter your "Login Key" that is generated for your account. This login key can be used on a few different machines, but after that it is locked.

    That being said, make sure you read the disclaimers and license notice.

    Some antivirus's have flagged it during my private tests with people, but this is a false positive I assure you it is 100% safe to use, and does not contain anything malicious, or anything of the sort.

    To use it, you just first enter your Login Key on the initial prompt. Once you're linked you wont have to do that again. Then you simply click "Validate", select a server you wish to join on the left, and click "Play" when it's ready!

    Do NOT share your key with anyone else. This is used to link your forums account to the Launcher, which will be used for in-game stuff at a later date(such as parties).

  • Forerunner Packages 2.0 are now live. Get yours before they sell out They sold out.. I'm going to be adding 5 more tomorrow during the day sometime, followed by 1 free voucher giveaway for one. (More info on that later).

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Heart Massive Suggestions
Posted by: Bezerker - 06-16-2018, 02:04 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (23)

TTT becomes a decaying and slow gamemode after 1.4k hours, and even when new content is added, it all seems to melt into the games meta, changing little if nothing.
Here are some of my ideas to change TTT for the better

First off, nearly 80% of the server uses a deagle, and for good reason. 1-shot headshots are a powerful thing, and the risk tends to under-weigh the reward. The only other alternatives are the pistol or glock, which compensate for lack of 1-shot by reliable range, consistent damage, and larger clip. Here's my attempt at shifting the power in the secondary slot

Pocket Rifle
New Secondary
A handy secondary rifle, 1 bullet in the clip, slow reload, but nearly pinpoint accuracy (About 10% more than a default rifle) and slightly higher damage. And to top it all off, the firing sound is fairly quiet and unnoticeable compared to a rifle and deagle.

Here are some new traitor and detective weapons, which of the ones below, I tried to only pick ones that seemed unique, bringing something new to the table
Holy Hand Grenade
New Traitor Equipment
The first (of my knowledge) T-Shop item to cost 2 credits, and it is limited to 1 purchase per round, this holy boomer is the only grenade to not damage traitor buddies

Second Chance
New Detective Equipment
When a Detective purchases this item, after their death, they have a chance to resurrect, even if they're the last ones killed. This chance increases depending on how many traitors the Detective personally eliminated prior to their death. Now this may seem a little much at first, but in my eyes, it reinforces the fact that Detectives are meant to be the main enemy of Traitors, not the first one offed at the start of the round. With all the new gadgets Traitors have been given, Detective Body Armor just doesn't cut it anymore.

Spring Mine
New Traitor Equipment
A fun new item that launches anyone foolish enough to step on this item. Upon purchase, Traitors can place this item down on any ground surface. When a Detective or Innocent step on it, they are launched into the air in a random direction. The height they're launched to isn't enough to kill them from fall damage, but that's only if they aren't shot off of an edge.

Munition Shipment
New Traitor and Detective Equipment
(No already-made workshop items for this, but seems easy enough to make)
Simple item that similar to a Health station, can be thrown down for people to acquire ammo. Has a total of 300 Ammo stored, and doesn't replenish.

Now onto some much needed weapon changes

M1 Garand
Level of Concern: Practically Extinct
Let's be blunt, it's bad. The Garand suffers from low reload speed, awful firerate even on a Heroic, and sad headshot damage for a scopeless rifle. In order for this weapon to be viable in a non-meme situation, it needs a rework unlike any other. Listen before you burn me at the stake, the current M1 is essentially a Primary deagle with slower firerate but more range. A deagle 1-shots, fires very fast, and is a secondary. The M1 doesn't 1-shot, fires very slow, and is a primary. See what I'm getting at? I'm not just going to advocate better stats, but I want this weapon to serve a purpose.
Instead of just increasing firerate and damage, this weapon should follow a unique type of ranged damage dealing, rewarding very long distance firing. What my idea boils down to is to essentially give it reverse damage falloff. When I say reverse, it doesn't mean it does less damage the closer you are, just the opposite. Longer distance = higher damage.

Level of Concern: To the point I forgot it even existed
Hands down, the WORST WEAPON in TTT, no questions asked. 100% would not mind if we fixed this thing by just removing it and replacing all existing ones with a random other secondary. It just has no place among the other choices. There are 0 upsides to using this weapon over anything else, Deagle beats it not surprisingly, Pistol does it's job but actually works, Glock can spray very well, and the Tec-9 is an SMG Glock. And to put the nail in the coffin, it just looks out of place and the model is disgusting.

Other weapons that just need a slightly higher base damage to be effective:
Uzi, Honeybadger, Vector

That's the end for now, so please leave comments and feedback. Thank you all very much for reading!!  Angel

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  From rich to poor
Posted by: Catbug - 06-16-2018, 04:57 AM - Forum: Shit Posting - Replies (2)

Look below for sig. It was a fun ride. However I never want to be at a 2 million coins again, when I had that much I didn't want to spend anything. I turned down godlikes I should not have, something changed in me and it's not something I want to see in myself again. My money would just be sitting there, rotting. I'm happy with just 163k.

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  Minor suggestion thread
Posted by: GoldenGuy - 06-15-2018, 01:59 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (4)

Some minor Quality of life things.
In Grim's and survive, could we look into getting the health bars for the players like how they are in asylum? It could help a lot in finding other players to help them, as needed. Could we also look into getting the damage numbers to show in those as well? Not sure why it bothers me, but it does.
Lobby ideas
A firing range, with a dummy player, that you can test out both the procs, the proc rate, and just general damage information on.

A small deathrun minigame, where the queue area could be the other empty room in the minigame building; a small deathrun course where random players are selected to be the trap triggering people and the rest have to dodge the traps in turn. At the end, they get their loadout to combat the trap triggering people, and the trap people get their loadouts as well. No procs, however, to make things a little easier for both sides. Loot for winning side (should it be chosen to have loot added).
Halloween suggestions (yeah, it's early, I know)
Have trick cases and treat cases, the trick ones would have some of the joke weapons from previous april fool's events, and some added ones for shits and giggles, perhaps like some eggs that function like the snowball, except they look like eggs, or some toilet paper rolls which have a trail and bounce around similar to the bouncy ball (perhaps a slow effect or something?) . The treat cases would be more rare, perhaps have more cosmetics than guns.

Perhaps a black cat pet, a ghost pet (which if you REALLY don't wanna deal with getting a ghost from somewhere, TF2 should have some assets for it), an angel and devil pet (bound to shoulders), Devil ears and tail cosmetic, halo and wings cosmetic, a devil pitchfork melee, a scythe melee (godlike for the chest?), a frankenstein's monster model (godlike/primordial cosmetic?), a devilish tier enhancable (prim status?), a confusion suffix/trait unique to the devilish tier that can cause the movement of a player to get mixed up (like w moves sideways) for a small time, a tombstone cosmetic, and perhaps some unique jihad sounds, special to the crates? Like a wolf howl, or a witches' cackling, or even a snippet from the movie (i think it's called) Psycho (old black and white? Scene where person get's stabbed, has a violin sound associated, and shows blood in the tub)?

Just some ideas I had kicking around in my head.

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  Patchnotes 06/15/2018
Posted by: Brassx - 06-15-2018, 03:26 AM - Forum: Server Patchnotes - Replies (9)


  • Most* Minigames have had their loot buffed, quite a bit. More than top 3 will receive loot as well.
  • Spider Queens melee attacks have more range and are faster.
  • Most DoT's should be able to kill again.
  • The Eleos has been buffed. Faster firerate, slightly more accurate, the right click charges faster, and it does +1 more damage. I also fixed the drop bug with it.

  • Added a variety of new unique rewards to obtain from Minigames, I'm still working on more too.

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  Invenotry B R O K E
Posted by: BorkPlaysGames - 06-15-2018, 01:55 AM - Forum: Resolved - Replies (2)

Opened my inventory
This happened

[ERROR] addons/br_inventory/lua/br_inventory/client/cl_br_newinv_skin.lua:1975: bad argument #2 to 'SetTexture' (ITexture expected, got nil)
 1. SetTexture - [C]:-1
  2. callback - addons/br_inventory/lua/br_inventory/client/cl_br_newinv_skin.lua:1975
   3. MaterialFromURL - addons/br_coinshop/lua/br_coinshop/client/cl_br_coinshop.lua:2773
    4. AddAttachment - addons/br_inventory/lua/br_inventory/client/cl_br_newinv_skin.lua:1963
     5. AttachItems - addons/br_inventory/lua/br_inventory/client/cl_br_newinv_skin.lua:1888
      6. OpenUI - addons/br_inventory/lua/br_inventory/client/cl_br_newinv_skin.lua:1664
       7. OpenInventory - addons/br_inventory/lua/br_inventory/client/cl_br_newinv.lua:2725
        8. unknown - addons/br_inventory/lua/br_inventory/client/cl_br_inventory.lua:2528
         9. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54


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  Free 13k O_o (not click Bait)
Posted by: MicroBoss - 06-15-2018, 01:35 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (6)

So i got 13k when i joined. pretty sure i *COUGH* Sold *COUGH* some things and im not sure what. i would like to know because i need to see what is a good price for whatever i sold or if i need to abjust the price.
Now i suggest either to say *You have sold Boomerang for 20,000*
Website to do so
Logs of some sort, like the trade logs that you can use in-game.

If its too hard or too long to make i understand just say so please.

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Posted by: Prince Toaster - 06-14-2018, 05:28 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (6)

Oh shit it's been like 7 months.

So I migrated here when the great NTG famine occured last fall, and I just now got a laptop and can (finally) play TTT. So thats a thing. Hopefully I don't get muted too much.

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Posted by: Alex Summers - 06-11-2018, 05:20 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (7)

skully put up a 70k bet yesterday and as i went to join it, he took it down. It took my money and said failed to join match and didn't give it back


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